How long does it take to charge?

A full charge requires 6 hours of direct sunlight.


How long will the light stay on for on a full charge?

The light will burn bright for up to 10 hours. The light output is 32 Lumens from 4 LED lights. 


Do you ship internationally?

At this stage Lighthouse is only available in Australia, New Zealand and USA. We are currently working with our courier service to provide an economic  option for international shipping to the rest of the world.  Please email us at hello@lighthouse.land if you're outside these countries  and are interested in buying or stocking Lighthouse. 


What if it stops working?

It is relatively easy to replace the integrated solar panel charging and light unit. Please email us with any repair or replacement questions. 


How long will the light last?

The solar light unit contains 2 x 1.2V NIMH AAA Rechargeable Batteries. Properly cared for, the batters will last between 500 to 1000 cycles. The more you charge the light, the longer it will last. In normal circumstances , the batteries should last for two years.

What if the batteries runs out of power? 

If the batteries run out within 12 months, we will replace the solar panel and battery unit free of charge. Replacement panels will be available for purchase. Email  us to arrange purchase of replacement unit.